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RanaCidu is a game offering you a unique opportunity of navigating frog Rana along a path of animals to his girlfriend Cidu.
In the meantime you will help Rana fulfilling his tasks of jumping according to a certain range of hops, visiting a given number of animals, and/or collecting an amount of points.
You will encounter all kinds of challenges across the levels: local puzzles as well as global strategies.
A little bit of “cheating” allows you to take back a hop or to ask for a hint.
After finishing a level you will be rewarded with a small animation showing your score.
You will be able to compare it with other players in the world.


  • Hop along horses, crabs, elephants and apes creating a path to Cidu
  • Fulfil a variety of tasks
  • Visit animals for one or more cups of coffee
  • Liberate animals to be visited
  • Take back a hop
  • Ask for a hint, revealing optimal hops
  • Earn coins by finishing levels perfectly
  • Two types of leaderboards
  • Compare high scores with other players worldwide
  • Ease your task in ‘dude’ mode
  • Hide your nickname

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Note that the Phone permission is only needed for retrieving email addresses to tickle your friends.

Programming:   Tis Veugen
Graphics & Design:   Lidwien Veugen
Music:   Kenny Garner, Symphonic Madness, “Lost Lake Of Souls”